How we can control a disease?

What is principles of genetics?

Principles of genetics

These principles have been applied to get new and better varieties of plants. Transgenic plants which have foraging DNA incorporated into their cells have also been produced. Such plants can be propagated by cloning (production of identical copies of Organism / cells by asexual reproduction).

What is biological control?

Biological control

It is applied to control harmful organisms by using some other living organisms. Some bacteria are handed down as bio pesticides.

Uses of hydroponic culture technique

Hydroponic culture technique is handed down to test even if a certain nutrient is essential for plant or not.

Different techniques for food preservation have been developed like pasteurisation for the preservation of milk.

What is Disease Control?

How we control a disease?

How we control a disease

Disease Control

The three significant actions that are usually taken against various diseases are;

First step To control the disease

preventive measures

The advances in Biological Sciences have provided us information about the agents that cause various diseases and their mode of transmission. For instance AIDS is caused by HIV and it spreads through free sexual contact, through blood transfusion, by using contaminated syringes or surgical instruments etc. So after knowing the causative agent and its mode of transmission, we are warned by doctors to take precautions so that we don’t catch the disease that is currently incurable.

Similarly hepatitis is caused by H virus that is spread through blood transfusion and by using contaminated syringes and by surgical instrument. Again knowing the causative agent and its mode of transmission, we become careful in avoiding the above factors which can cause the disease.

Second step to control the disease

Vaccination / immunization

Many diseases such as polio, whooping cough, measles, mumps can easily be controlled by vaccination or shots.

Third step to control the disease

Drug treatment / gene therapy

The various methods to treat our disease are through the use of antibiotics that kill bacteria.

The other methods include


In this case cancerous part is exposed to short wave radiations from the radioactive material repeatedly at regular intervals.


It consists of administration of certain anti cancer chemicals to patients at regular intervals. These chemicals may damage the cancerous and normal cells.

Gene therapy

It consists of isolating normal gene an inserting it into the host through bone marrow cells to repair defective genes.

What is integrated disease management?

Integrated disease management

For control the elimination of various diseases, awareness created in the community.

The other techniques developed by biology are


It is a method of producing genetically identical copies of a cell Organism. It is a technology applied for achieving eugenic aims.

What is eugenic aims?

the process of increasing organisms with superior traits is known as eugenics.

Mechanism of cloning

In this procedure nucleus from a fertilized egg is removed and a nucleus from a cell or fully developed individual is inserted in its place. The altered egg is then implanted in a suitable womb where it completes it its development. The new individual form in this way is a genetically identical clone of the individual whose nucleus was used. Thus cloning can make multiple copies of our desired genotyped.

Scientists are making attempts to clone human embryo that can be used as transplant donor of any organ. This type of cloning is very much controversial.

Protection and conservation of environment

Industrialization has destroyed our environment to a great extent.

What is bioremediation?


Bioremediation which is the removal or degradation of environmental pollutants or toxic materials by living organisms, is being applied. An example of this method is that algae have been found to reduce pollution of heavy metals by bioabsorption.

What is extinct species?

Extinct species

A species of animal that no longer lives anywhere on earth itself to be extinct.

What is endangered species?

Endangered species

Organisms that are in danger of becoming extinct are set to be endangered species. Attempts are underway to protect the endangered species.

What is conservation?


Protecting the earth’s natural resources and using them wisely is called conservation.

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First step in Disease Control

First step to control a disease

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Second step in Disease Control

Second step to control a disease

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What is cloning?

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What is endangered species?

What is conservation of environment?

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