What are fibroadenomas | Symptoms , Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

Fibroadenomas are a common breast condition that affects many women. These are non-cancerous breast tumors that are made up of both glandular and fibrous tissues. They are usually painless and feel like small, firm, smooth lumps that move easily under the skin. In this blog post, we will discuss what fibroadenomas are, their symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options.

What are fibroadenomas

What are fibroadenomas | Symptoms , Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

1.    What are Fibroadenomas?

Fibroadenomas are benign breast tumors that are made up of a mixture of glandular tissue (lobules) and stromal tissue (fibrous connective tissue). They are typically found in women between the ages of 15 and 35 years, but they can occur at any age. These tumors are usually small, about 1-3 cm in size, and can grow larger over time.

2.    Symptoms of Fibroadenomas

Most women with fibroadenomas do not experience any symptoms. However, some may feel a lump in their breast that is painless, firm, and smooth. In some cases, fibroadenomas may cause breast pain or discomfort, especially during menstruation. If the lump grows larger, it may be visible or cause a distortion in the breast shape.

3.    Causes of Fibroadenomas

The exact cause of fibroadenomas is not known, but hormonal factors are thought to play a role. These tumors tend to occur during reproductive years when hormone levels fluctuate. They may also develop during pregnancy or while taking hormonal therapy. Family history of breast cancer may also increase the risk of fibroadenomas.

4.    Diagnosis of Fibroadenomas

Fibroadenomas are usually detected through a breast exam, mammogram, or ultrasound. If a lump is found, a biopsy may be recommended to confirm the diagnosis. A biopsy involves removing a small tissue sample from the lump and examining it under a microscope.

5.    Treatment of Fibroadenomas

Fibroadenomas do not require treatment if they are small and not causing any symptoms. In some cases, the lump may be monitored through regular check-ups to ensure it is not growing or changing. If the lump is causing pain, discomfort, or cosmetic concerns, it can be removed through a surgical procedure called lumpectomy. This involves removing the lump while leaving the rest of the breast tissue intact.

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