What are the Drug interactions Checker?


Drug interactions Checker

Drug interactions Checker

A drug interactions is when the effect of 1 drug is changed by the co administration of another drug , herbs , food, drink or other environmental factors, either increase or decrease (poor) the effect (efficacy) of the drug. In both cases we do not get the desire / intended effects.

There are different drug interactions such as

Drug-Drug interactions (DDIs)

Drug-Food interactions (DFIs)

Drug-Herbs interactions (DHIs)

Drug-Environmental factors interactions (DEIs)

Drug-Drug interactions (DDIs):

When the effect of one drug is change by the co administration of another drug is called drug-drug interactions.

Drug-Food interactions (DFIs):

When the effect of drug is change by the co administration of food is called Drug-Food interactions.

Drug-Herb interactions (DHIs):

When the effect of drug is change by the co administration of herbs is called drug-herb interactions.

Drug-environmental factor interactions (DEIs):

When the effect of drug is change by the environmental factors is called drug-environmental factor interactions.

Some drug interactions are actual drug interactions and some are potential drug interactions

Actual drug interactions

Potential drug interactions

Actual drug interactions:

An actual drug interactions cause clinically significant changes occur during the drug therapy. In actual drug interactions there will be clinical consequences this will alter the therapeutic effect of the drugs. In actual drug interactions the clinical condition of the patient is changed because of the combination of drugs.

Potential drug interactions:

The potential drug interactions does not occur during drug therapy but has potential to cause the failure, or have the potential to change the therapeutic effect of the drug. The potential drug interactions is irrespective to clinical consequences. The potential drug interactions occur prior to actual Drug interactions and can cause failure or harms.

Potential drug interactions are actually hazard and actual drug interactions are harms.

Clinical consequences interactions / clinical significant interactions:

Clinical consequences interactions are those interactions which change the pharmacological effects of the drugs either cause beneficial effects or harmful effects.

In harmful effect either there will be therapeutic failure or toxicity

Toxicity of drug:

When one drug synergies the effect of other drug.

Therapeutic failure of drug:

When drug antagonize the effect of other drugs.

Drug interactions are common cause of ADRs they are avoidable cause of ADRs.

Classification of drug interactions / Types of drug interactions:

Pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions (PKDDIs)

Pharmacodynamic drug-drug interactions (PDDDIs)

Pharmacokinetic Drug-Drug interactions (PKDDIs):

When the one drug change the pharmacokinetic properties of other drug such as ADMER absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and response is called pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions.

Pharmacodynamic Drug-Drug interactions (PDDDIs):

When the one drug change the pharmacodynamic properties of other drug such as therapeutic effect is called pharmacodynamic drug-drug interactions.

Patients who are at greater risk of drug interactions:

Polypharmacy (taking multiple medications)

Elderly people (aged)

Who are taking narrow therapeutic window drugs

Chronic disease patients

It is difficult and impossible for pharmacist and doctors to remember all the drug interactions and to identify drug interactions because of huge amount of drugs.

Software to monitor Drug interactions:

There is software to monitor drug interactions are



Medscape etc

These are softwares which identify the drug interactions because it is difficult to memorize all the drug interactions but some of drugs which are in common practice and pharmacist should know about them, however the professional can study or check drug interactions before prescribing or reviewing the prescription.

This software tells about

Level of drug interaction

Mechanism of drug-drug interactions

Onset of effect and duration

Documentation / recommendations


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