Types of Granulation Technology

Old technology / convenient methods:

  1. Direct compression technique/method.
  2. Dry granulation.
  3. Wet granulation.

Advance/Novel technology:

  • Spray-drying granulation.
  • Roller compaction technology.
  • Extrusion spheorization granulation.
  • Single-pot processing granulation.
  • Rapid release granulation
  • Particle coating by centrifugation
  • Moisture activated dry granulation
  • Pneumatic dry granulation.

Direct compression technique/method: 

This method is very simple it involves placing of all ingredients into the tablet compression to make a tablet. It is economical, has less stability problems and good dissolution can be achieved. The problem associated with this method is that segregation and variation in doses can occur.

Dry granulation:

Dry granulation is very simple type of method used in the granulation process. In this methid no heat is applied and there is no addition of any solvent.

2 basic steps are involved in this process.

  1. Compact formation of material through compression.
  2. Milling of compact to get granules.

Methods used in dry granulation:

There are 2 methods used in dry granulation


In this method recompression of all the powder material containing the active ingredients is done through which slugs are obtained and resultant slugs are milled and granules are formed.

Roller compaction

Roller compaction is achieved with the help of a machine called as ‘Chilsonator”. Powder blend is forced through a pressure roll and machine turn compact mass is  steady continuous flow. The powder is filled through the hopper containing spiral auger between the rollers, which is then fed to the compaction zone. Aggregates are formed which are then milled to get the granules. This techniques is good as it requires less space and less equipments. No binders are used and there is no need of drying the product. Heat sensitive materials can be processed though this technique. There are also some disadvantages associated with this technique e.g. dust formation, possibility of contamination and uneven distribution of the color.

Basic steps involved in dry granulation:

there are 5 basic steps involved

1- Milling:

Milling of active ingredients and excipients are achieved to get uniform powder.

2- Mixing:

2nd step involves mixing of  powder obtained in the 1st step.

3- Compression:

3rd step involves compression of mixed powder in the form of slugs.

4- Milling of slugs:

De-slugging is done through milling

5- Mixing with lubricants:

Obtained granules are mixed with lubricating and disintegrating agent to get the final product.

Wet Granulation:

This is the most widely used process. Wet massing of granulating liquid and powder blend is obtained followed by wet sizing and drying process.

Basic steps involved in wet granulation:

It involve following steps

  • Mixing of excipients and drugs.
  • Binding solution preparation.
  • Mixing of mixed powders + binding solution.
  • Drying of the granules obtained.
  • Mixing of granules with lubricants.

Advanced Types of wet granulation

Steam granulation:

Types of granulation technology

It is the modified form of wet granulation. Here we use steam as binder. It provides content uniformity, high diffusion rates in powders and provides high dissolution rate of drugs molecules from the granules, low processing time so that more number of product can be prepared in shorter period of time. In steam method which is  operated at 150°C it produce excessive wetting and overheating which can be results in formation of lumps, that’s th disadvantage of this method.

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