Software Use in Biopharmaceutics | ADAPT , APIS , Bear and many more


Software Use in Biopharmaceutics

Software Use in Biopharmaceutics


This application plays simulations, non linear regression, and top-quality sampling. Includes prolonged least squares and Bayesian optimization. Models may be expressed as included or differential equations the usage of FORTRAN statements. D'Argenio, D.Z., A. Schumitzky and X. Wang.


Via way of means of A. Iliad's and M. Lapland for version identification, simulation and dosage routine calculation in scientific and experimental pharmacokinetics. APIS is primarily based totally on mathematical modeling which offers a dependable technique in optimizing drug therapy. It is a methodological technique to describe, expect and manipulate the kinetic conduct of a drug. 

The software program consists of the precept of Bayesian estimation, i.e., you'll use all to be had affected person information (population) to decide affected person-unique parameter estimates. These estimates can then be used to layout an top-quality and individualized drug routine. Available on PC, APIS is an appealing and beneficial device for scientific and experimental pharmacokinetics.

Bear (BE/BA for R):

This package deal become created with the aid of using Hsin-ya Lee and Yung-jin Lee. It become designed to investigate common bioequivalence (ABE) statistics from noncompartmental evaluation (NCA) to ANOVA (the use of lm() for a 2x2x2 crossover; in any other case lme()). Study layout of ABE may be 2x2x2 crossover or repeated crossover (2x2x2, 2x2x3,...2x2x6) or a parallel study. The dosing may be single- or multiple-dose. 

The statistical evaluation for bioavailability (BA) measurements (AUCs and Cmax) become primarily based totally on the 2 one-sided tests (Schuirmann, 1987). ABE entails the calculation of 90% self belief periods for the ratio of the averages of the measures for the check and reference products. The BE may be concluded primarily based totally at the calculated 90percentCIs falling inside 80-125% (or as much as user's defined). Bear is an open-sourced freeware beneathneath the GPL license. System requirements: R (>= 2.9.0); Platforms: MS Windows (XP/Vista), Mac, and Linux-PC. Contact: Yung-jin Lee, Ph.D


A Mathematica toolbox for fixing structures of differential equations, becoming coefficients, convolution, and more, with programs for modeling Linear and Nonlinear Biokinetic Systems. A few tutorials are protected that display how Mathematica may be implemented in Pharmacokinetics.


is an internet application for fixing biokinetic structures with programs in pharmacokinetics, inner dosimetry (cutting-edge ICRP fashions are protected), and nuclear medicine.


Through D.W.A. Bourne, Supplied as compiled applications for Macintosh, and MS DOS. This software plays simulations and non linear regression. Includes Bayesian optimization. Models, incorporated or differential equations, may be expressed as a chain of parameters (BOOMER). * Reference: Bourne, D.W.A. 1989 BOOMER, a simulation and modeling software for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic records evaluation, Computer Methods and in Biomedicine, 29, 191-195,


For Windows is an analyzer of mixed drug outcomes, capin a position mechanically to quantify phenomena which include synergism and inhibition.

C.O.A.G. Expert:

Is a Windows primarily based totally software for coping with all elements of outpatient oral anticoagulation, through Dennis Mungall, which may be downloaded for free.


Is a Microsoft Windows software designed for the evaluation of aggregate experiments with biologically energetic retailers. It plays version calculations and an evaluation of experimental aggregate outcomes for 2 or 3 retailers in line with each the Loewe additivity (dose-additivity) and Bliss independence (independence) criteria.

Cyber Patient:

Through Michael B. Bolger, USC School of Pharmacy is a Windows primarily based totally multimedia pharmacokinetic (PK) simulation software that may be used for improvement and presentation of problem-fixing case studies. This simulation software is suitable to be used in pharmacy or scientific colleges to help the teacher in improvement of PK drug fashions. The PK drug fashions are utilized by college students to generate their very own facts to be used in a problem-fixing curriculum. In addition, Cyber Patient may be used within side the pharmaceutical enterprise for pharmacokinetic drug simulations.

DDI Predict:

By Aureus Sciences, Paris France, offers an on the spontaneous graphical file containing all capacity drug-drug interactions among a drug candidate and a huge panel of advertised or withdrawn pills. The predictions are supported through calculation of the alternate of the AUC ratio primarily based totally at the plasma attention of the drug candidate within side the presence or absence of enzyme inhibitors. 

The machine makes use of a huge library containing extra than 7,000 inhibition and 8,000 PK facts points, measured on 1,500 pills saved within side the Aureus ADME database to calculate capacity interactions. The Aureus ADME Knowledge database incorporates a complete 25,000 compounds, 3,500 metabolites, 365,000 organic facts points, analyzed out from extra than 11,000 articles and FDA documents. 

The new Edition extends the prediction of drug-drug interplay in instances wherein more than one metabolic pathways are concerned and offers new functionalities consisting of prediction of fraction metabolized (fm) primarily based totally on scaling factors (RAF, ISEF, Abundance), intestine metabolism and others.


Is an item orientated visible pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamics (PKPD) modeling tool. Its stylish and revolutionary person interface makes the software program extraordinarily easy to apply in order that it's far nicely acceptable for coaching pharmacokinetics. 

Edsim++ is ready with a big range of superior PKPD gadgets that may be used for constructing complicated fashions as required in a studies environment. Edsim++ employs the idea of item orientated modeling (OOM). PKPD tactics are represented via way of means of gadgets that may be dragged upon the desktop, and then the gadgets may be linked to every other. 

Edsim++ does now no longer require any programming for everyday operation however it could be programmed on four exceptional tiers if required. 1) Users can create new PKPD gadgets in C# and upload them to the EDSIM++ library so they may be reused visually. 2) Users can create PKPD fashions in C# supply code (macros). 3) Programmers might also additionally create Edsim++ software plugins. four) Programmers can construct their personal packages the use of the software program improvement kit (Edsim++ SDK) which offers entire get right of entry to to the Edsim++ PKPD engine. Edsim++ comes with a complete guide and nearly four hours of guidance videos.


Is a PBPK/PD modeling system. Reference: Exposure Related Dose Estimating Model (ERDEM) A Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetc and Pharmacodynamic (PBPK/PD) Model for Assessing Human Exposure and Risk (PDF, a hundred and sixty pp., four.8MB), via way of means of Jerry N. Blancato, Fred W. Power, Robert N. Brown and Curtis C. Dary. EPA/600/R-06/061, June 2006.


is a physiologically primarily based totally software program application that simulates intravenous, oral, oral cavity, ocular, intranasal and pulmonary absorption, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics in human and animals. Using in silico/in vitro statistics with our complete frame PBPK fashions, you may start to are expecting first-in-human or -animal outcomes, behavior digital populace trials, suit a huge type of version parameters for unmarried or a couple of statistics sets, recognize meals effects, check the effect of nonlinear metabolism or transport, tune metabolites shaped in any tissue, examine diverse method strategies, generate in vitro-in vivo correlations (IVIVC), and are expecting drug-drug interactions (DDI). 

Since 1997, Simulations Plus has advanced GastroPlus to a excessive nation of refinement, presenting the industry's maximum accurate, flexible, and effective simulation package.

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