Drug Therapy Problems

Drug Therapy Problems. A drug therapy problem is any unwanted event faced by a patient that include or it may include, drug therapy, and that interacts with achieving the desired outcomes of treatment and requires professional care and diagnosis to resolve.

Drug therapy problems

  1. Unnecessary drug therapy
  2. Untreated indication
  3. Duplication therapy

Unnecessary drug therapy:

Is a drug therapy problem when Patient taking too many medications for the condition but these medications are not needed.

E.g. in the flu patient taking antibiotics. This is irrational antibiotic prescription, inappropriate to their clinical condition. We have to match each prescribed drug with indication. Give rational prescription by selecting the most appropriate treatment after making a differential diagnosis.* drug therapy problems

E.g. two or more than two antibiotics are prescribed but the infection can be cured by only one antibiotic.* drug therapy problems 

Untreated indication:

Is the drug therapy problem when The patient is in need of a medication and that medication is not prescribed.

E.g. pregnant women or wishing to become pregnant must take folic acid even before 3 months of pregnancy to prevent neuronal tube defects,  featus or offspring defects.* drug therapy problems 

E.g. In angina pectoris BB+ ACEIs+ statins+ nitroglycerin  is prescribed but the aspirin is missing. Not prescribing the aspirin is untreated indication.* drug therapy problems 

E.g. patient having the high blood pressure continuously 160/100 whenever he check physician he/she prescribe him every time ACEIs . This is untreated indication because not giving the other medication to reduce the blood pressure or increasing the dose of ACEIs .* drug therapy problems 

Duplication therapy:

Is the drug therapy problem when Prescribing multiple medications for the same condition.

E.g. giving both ibuprofen and acetaminophen for mild pain or prescribing both zofran and compazine for nausea and vomiting. * drug therapy problems 

Drug product:

Here we have to check whether the prescribed drug is most appropriate or not, or drug could cause Adverse drug reactions ( ADRs) or drugs which are contraindicated in such conditions.

Direct responsible profession medication related care for the purpose of achieving definite outcomes to ensure quality of life.

Beta blockers are not the drug of choice in hypertension because they are going to cause diabetes mellitus.

•Beta blockers in not used in hypoglycemia and uncomplicated diabetes.

•Beta blockers is used in migraine, arrhythmia, palpitations, tachycardia, heart disease, angina pectoris,  chronic heart failure, essential tremors. * drug therapy problems 

Dosage regimens:


Ciprofloxacin = 500mg (dose)

Ciprofloxacin = 500mg × BD ( dosage )

Ciprofloxacin = 500mg × BD × 14 days ( dosage regimen)

In dose regimen we are telling dose, frequency and duration.

Drug-drug interactions:

1.      When we take Ciprofloxacin with milk they are causing chelation. Because of chelate formation         there will be no absorption.

2.       Aspirin and clopidogrel taking together have adverse effects on stomach.

3.   When we give omeprazole and clopidogrel together the efficacy of clopidogrel is decreased because clopidogrel is pro drug and is activated by CYP3A4 and omeprazole inhibit CYP3A4 and thus blocking the conversion of prodrug.* drug therapy problems 


Patient taking medication correctly as advised by the prescriber.

The motive of figuring out drug therapy problems is to assist sufferers attain their dreams of treatment and recognise the pleasant feasible consequences from drug therapy.

In the subsequent sections, we can talk the terminology, components, and classes of drug therapy problems and their critical significance to the exercise of pharmaceutical care and therapy control services.

The identity of drug therapy problems is the focal point of the evaluation and represents the important thing selections made in that step of the affected person care process.

Although drug therapy problems identity is technically a part of the evaluation process, it represents the honestly specific contribution made through pharmaceutical care practitioners.Therefore, a separate dialogue has been committed to describing drug therapy problems  so you can learn how to identify, resolve, and save you drug therapy problems on your exercise.

Drug therapy problems are a result of a affected person's drug-associated desires which have long gone unmet. They are critical to pharmaceutical care exercise.

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