Departments Of Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical industry:

In the pharmaceutical industry there is the conversion of raw materials into finished products of different dosage forms such as tablets,  capsules, suspensions, emulsions, ointments etc.

Deals with the manufacturing,  development,  marketing and distribution of medicines and also make sure the quality of all these activities.*departments of pharmaceutical industries 

Departments of pharmaceutical industries

Departments of pharmaceutical industries:

1)Manufacturing department

2)Ware house

3)Quality control management department

4)Research and development department ( R and D department)

5)Marketing department

6)Engineering department

7)Accountant department

8)Administration department

Manufacturing department:

1)dispensing unit

2)production unit

3)packaging and labelling unit

1)dispensing unit:

Provide active ingredients and excipients from ware house to production unit.

2)production unit:

A)solid dosage form

B)liquid dosage form

C)semi-solid dosage form

D)sterile product

A)solid dosage form:

Tablets,  capsules

B)liquid dosage form:

Syrup, solution, suspension,  emulsion

C)semi-solid dosage form:

Ointments,  paste, gel, creams etc

D)sterile product:

Injections etc

In production unit raw materials are processed by equipment and workers.

Steps are

milling -> sieving -> mixing -> wet granulation with granulating agents -> wet sieving -> drying -> tablets compressed -> packing and labelling -> evaluation -> marketing  -> distributed to consumer for therapeutic purposes.* departments of pharmaceutical industries 

3)packaging and labelling unit:

Finished products from production unit are packaged and labelled here.

Ware house:

In the ware house raw materials and finished products are stored in bulk quantity.

Quality control management department:

Quality control management department include

A)quality control department

B)quality assurance department

A)quality control department:

Product base approach

Control the quantity of product

Focus on pharmaceutical product

Identify safety, purity, effectiveness and strength of product

Raw materials and finished products are tested by quality control department

Test, chemical and physical analysis are performed here.

B)quality assurance department:

Process based approach

Focused on processing

Control the quality of process

Quality assurance include the team  who supervises,  monitoring and controlling all  the processes and see processes are upto standards or not.* departments of pharmaceutical industries 

Research and development department ( R and D department):

research and development department discover or synthesize new drugs or make research on existing drugs to improve the quality.

Marketing department:

Marketing department promote, regulate And sale of pharmaceutical products by advertising,  social media, news paper’s,  pamphlets etc

Engineering department:

Engineering department maintains the electricity,  building, equipment,  water, gass etc

Accountant department:

Accountant department check the sale of pharmaceutical products and involve in making budget.

Administration department:

Administration department control the matters of pharmaceutical industries.


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